Die koblenzer Black- / Thrashmetal Band Desaster haben heute ihren neuen Langspieler “Churches Without Saints” via Metal Blade Records von der Kette gelassen.

Tracklist “Churches Without Saints”

  1. The Grace of Sin (Intro)
  2. Learn to Love the Void
  3. Failing Trinity
  4. Exile is Imminent
  5. Churches Withour Saints
  6. Hellputa
  7. Sadistic Salvation
  8. Armed Architects of Annihilation (in Clarity for total Death)
  9. Primordial Obscurity
  10. Endless Awakening
  11. Aus Asche (Outro)

“Churches Without Saints” erhältliche Formate

  • CD
  • CD Digipak Limited Edition
  • LP Standard
  • LP Limited Edition


Desaster – Learn to Love the Void

Desaster – Endless Awakening