Heute haben die Black Metaller Paradise In Flames ihr neues Album “Devils Collection” unter dem Label Blood Blast Distribution auf den Markt gebracht.

Tracklist “Devils Collection”

  1. Nahemah’s Possession
  2. I’m Sure Your Gods Have Seen This Before
  3. Satan’s Laws
  4. It’s All Wrong
  5. Has Never Seen A World Without Wars
  6. The Tepes
  7. Ripping Off False Masks
  8. Hell’s Now
  9. Devil From The Sky
  10. No Life On Earth

“Devils Collection” erhältliche Formate

  • CD
  • Digital


Paradise In Flames – “Devil From The Sky”

Paradise In Flames – “Nahemah´s Possession”

Paradise In Flames – “I´m Sure Your Gods Have Seen This Before”