Heute feiert die Death Metal Band Undeath den Release ihres neuen Albums “Lesions Of A Different Kind”.

“Lesions Of A Different Kind” Tracklist

  1. Suitably Hacked To Gore
  2. Shackles of Sanity
  3. Lesions Of A Different Kind
  4. Entranced by the Pendulum
  5. Acidic Twilight Visions
  6. Lord of the Grave
  7. Kicked the Protruding Guts
  8. Phantasmal Festering
  9. Chained to a Rotted Body
  10. Archfiend Coercion Methods

“Lesions Of A Different Kind” erhältliche Formate

  • CD
  • LP
  • Digital


Undeath – “Lord of the Grave”

Undeath – “Acidic Twilight Visions”

Undeath – “Lesions Of A Different Kind”